Cassandra Zook is an artist working in oil painting, but also explores collage, mixed media, and woodworking. She received a Bachelor's degree in Painting from the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design in 2016.  Originally from a small town in Kansas, she currently has a live/work artist studio in Lakewood, CO.

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Artist Statement

My creative process and artworks are influenced by the changing dynamics between culture, technology, and individuality in our ever-diversifying world as well as my own personal experiences of art often through the internet and social media. For me, art is a tool to be used directly to start a conversation or cause a change in perspective. 

In my New Aesthetic series I focus on the juxtaposition of the handcrafted qualities of painting and the perfection of digital images. My process involves editing the coding of a picture on a computer, then painting the digitally edited results. The conversation is changed to how my hand reveals the impossibility of creating perfect lines. 

Following extreme circumstances and changes in my personal life in the last year, I've begun to explore the use of wood and texture in the expression of figures. This continues from my exploration of technology and individuality to a more personal atmosphere.

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